Sharing Our Experiences in Sustainable Farming

A panoramic view of fields and trees during a sunset

An end to a challenging season

We’ll start this post with a photo of a sunrise, taken this fall from our farmhouse. Sunrises are powerful. They signify a fresh start to ...
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A view of fields under a dark sky

The farming doesn’t stop for a pandemic!

It’s now the beginning of August and through this most unusual, some would say dystopian time, the seven of us farming at Indian Ridge Farm ...
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A view of ducks in the pond

Early summer update, and how to get our products this season

Although water supplies are in shorter supply throughout the region this year because of a year-long drought, our ponds are full and looking good! We’ve ...
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A family of geese swimming on water

Springtime at Indian Ridge Farm

The Coronavirus pandemic has not slowed down activity here at the farm. Our wonderful farming life continues unabated. We’re restricting visitors and carefully limiting our ...
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