At Indian Ridge Farm, we follow organic growing practices. We grow over 50 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers each season. On-farm fertility is created through compost built from animals and vegetable matter from the farm.

Because we’re high altitude growers we have many tricks up our sleeves, developed over many years of growing vegetables in the region. Our growing season is short. It starts in early April and ends in early October. Our frost-free dates are early June to early September. Snow in April, May, September, and October is not uncommon! Our methods are labor intensive, but we feel that’s what it takes to grow only the healthiest, most nutritious food available.

For the seventh year in a row, the garden space has been leased out to Anne LeFevre. She is a fabulous gardener! Anne lives on the farm with her two boys, Elias, age 11, and Jonah, age 9.