Pastured Poultry

Under normal circumstances, when we're in full production mode, we daily rotate pastured broilers and turkeys on fertile grassland pasture. We butcher poultry each week for 20 weeks from early June to late September in our on-site State inspected and certified processing facility. Our birds are less stressed from not having to travel to an off-site processing facility. The results are safe, flavorful, and tender chickens and turkeys.

We also sell bone broth and liver pate as other value-added products.

The waste from our processing plant is put into the compost pile and after two years this rich amendment is added to the soil in the vegetable garden. We have a “zero-waste” system with our processing plant. We are proud of the fact that we control the quality of our poultry products from start to finish!
Besides the grasses, weeds, seeds, and bugs that our chickens consume daily in the beautiful Colorado sunshine, all of our poultry are fed a supplement of Colorado grown organic grains. For this, we are very proud!

Check out this video from the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association on how it is we pasture our chickens, by clicking here.