Farm Description

NOTE: Read the following description of our farm, with the caveat in mind that, except for some produce out of the organic garden, the farm will not be in commercial operation during the year 2021.

Indian Ridge Farm, located at 7,000 feet in elevation, is a 120-acre diversified farm operation that includes grass-fed pastured poultry, layer hens, hogs, turkeys, dairy cow and goats, horses, vegetable garden, greenhouse and hay pasture. The farm is situated outside Norwood, Co., on a mesa-top in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, near Telluride. We are blessed with fabulous views of the San Juan Mountains and Uncompahgre Plateau in Colorado, and also the Abajos and La Sal Mountains in southeastern Utah.

We utilize the grass pastures that have been established here in the region for the past 100 years. We encourage our customers to always seek out and buy locally produced foodstuffs, especially if they are grass-fed. The results are numerous: a strengthening of agrarian communities; a healthier ecosystem; sustainable food systems are created; open space is preserved. And, perhaps most importantly, as a consumer of locally produced foods, you connect to the land and the soil in a special and intimate way otherwise not available.

We sell our farm products directly on-farm, through our CSA programs, the Telluride Farmers Market, Tomboy Butcher, Vicky’s Fresh Farm Movement and at Norwood’s Fresh Food Hub. Allreds and Floradora proudly carry our chicken and eggs, respectively.