Quivira Apprenticeships

Please Note: The farm is not offering an Apprentice Program in the year 2023, but reading the following provides the details of the program.

“An apprentice works for an expert to learn a trade, or at least that is as it should be,” Lynn Miller, publisher, editor, extraordinary human being, Small Farmer’s Journal, Winter, 2014 edition

Apprentices at Indian Ridge will acquire the skills and knowledge needed for, but not limited to, livestock management, composting, poultry processing, food preparation and preservation, farmers markets and marketing. We’ve partnered with Quivira Coalition in their New Agrarian Program to grow the next generation of ranchers and farmers.

Previous experience with farming and farm life is always a plus but a willingness to learn, have a “go to” attitude and a love of working with and in a natural environment may be all that is required of a successful applicant. Six months is a long time to “try out” farming if you are unfamiliar with the work, so please keep that in mind.

For more information (in addition to what we’ve provided below) about other apprentice programs in the West, please go to Quivira Coalition’s website by clicking here.