Practicing Regenerative Agriculture

Indian Ridge Farm is a 120-acre, solar-powered farm, located 33 miles northwest of Telluride, Colorado. We raise organic grass-fed poultry, turkeys, layer hens and hogs, and tend to a 1.5-acre bio-intensive vegetable garden. Love of place and a deep concern for the soil and the health of all creatures — from micro-organisms to humans — drive our passion for regenerative agriculture and local food sovereignty.

Our Reset Year

We see 2021 as a chance to take a short break from our regular mentoring and commercial farming to address a number of questions concerning the future of Indian Ridge Farm. Putting the farm into a land trust and addressing how we use, conserve and enhance the farm’s valuable water and soil resources will be our primary areas of focus. During this year, we will not be producing livestock commercially. Please look for our poultry products again in 2022. Our organic vegetables and farm fresh eggs are available at the Norwood Fresh Food Hub. You can follow us along on our journey through our blog.


Pastured Meats

We’re firm believers that livestock have a very important role to play on regenerative farms and ranches. And because the chickens, turkeys, and other livestock are constantly rotated to fresh pasture, you can be assured you’re enjoying the health benefits of consuming grass-fed meats and byproducts such as eggs, bone broth, and liver pate.



At Indian Ridge Farm, we follow organic growing practices. We grow over 50 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers each season. On-farm fertility is created through compost built from the farm's zero-waste system.

Indian Ridge Farm

Land Trust

After many years of farming, the time has come for the Daranyis to begin the process of passing the farm on to new farmers who will preserve its rich ecological diversity and continue to provide fresh food to the local community. Follow our journey as we take a seasonal break from commercial production to navigate the promising waters of farmland preservation.


Regenerative Agriculture

We continue to grow in dedication, commitment, and passion for improving our soils, our ecosystem, our natural habitats, our hydrology, our immediate farm community, and our grasslands. We believe regenerative agriculture is a vital solution to reversing climate change.