Our goal at Indian Ridge Farm is to provide a stronger, more sustainable region by nurturing a secure and nutritious food shed.

We want to provide regional residents with the highest quality, organically grown food available from a local source at affordable prices. We appreciate and are grateful for your commitment to this vision. Farmers and

their customers help strengthen agrarian communities such as Norwood, by adding to the diversity, the fabric and the vitality of the region. Because of your support, the overall ecosystem and all its components — the water, air and soil — benefit because of healthy farm management practices. Open space is preserved. Our reliance on the harmful effects of industrial, corporate agriculture is lessened. In our relatively short lifetime, there’s never been a more important time for all of us to be the positive change we are all seeking for humanity’s continued existence on Planet Earth. As a consumer of our locally grown products, this becomes one of your ways of connecting to the land and contributing to a better region.

We need to also be clear that we take a holistic  approach to farming, with a focus on soil health. We raise livestock — mainly pastured poultry and turkeys, layer hens, pigs and goats in a humane manner. We’re firm believers that livestock have a very important role to play on small family farms. And because the chickens, turkeys and layer hens are constantly rotated to fresh pasture, you can be assured you’re enjoying the health benefits of consuming grass-fed meats and byproducts such as eggs. At the same time, the pastures benefit from the nitrogen the livestock leave behind. Did you know one acre of healthy grass pasture sequesters more carbon than one acre of tropical rainforest? We call this carbon farming, we call this environmentally friendly farming. Our farming practices are consistent with the regenerative agriculture that is now so critical in reversing the ill effects of climate change.

The one and one-half acre garden, meanwhile, has never been sprayed with any chemical. We follow organic growing practices in the garden, building up soil for the past 17 years with amendment composted right here on the farm with hardly any inputs from the outside world. In the garden we are able to cultivate a diverse assortment of produce — everything from salad greens to root crops to squashes, and tomatoes and eggplant.

Did we mention that the farm is entirely solar powered? We have 52 panels that generate 10,000 kW of renewable solar energy, consistent with our commitment to be environmentally conscious.

How do we know if our mission statement has been achieved? One gauge is from the feedback we constantly receive from our hundreds of satisfied customers, who, after 18 years of operation, have come to rely on the consistently good, nutritious food we produce. Another is by noting that several former apprentices and employees all reside here in the Norwood area pursuing various enterprises of their own. So, yes, there is a strong economic and social component to producing healthy food locally. With that said, we’ll remain focused on our mission statement!