About Us

About the Farm

We’re a small, diversified family farm operation. The proprietors, Tony and Barclay live in a very energy efficient straw bale home constructed in 2001.

The farm’s ditch system and fencing was completed many decades ago. The Daranyis began building the farm’s more current infrastructure: the ponds, the deer fencing, the water system, the processing plant, the barn and the hoop-house in 2000. Indian Ridge Farm & Bakery began production in 2002. The garden for the CSA was expanded in 2007 to nourish over 60 households. The pastured poultry operation received a grant from the Western Region’s SARE program to study whether pastured poultry can complement an existing large livestock system. That grant was the springboard for the success of the current pastured poultry operation.

In 2010 we completed the installation of a 52-panel solar array that generates 10kW of solar energy. This system produces enough alternative, sustainable energy to run the entire farm operation. This installation was made possible through a rebate from our cooperative electricity provider, San Miguel Power Assn. and through a grant from the US Department of Agriculture.

The bakery, once housed on the farm, is now owned by Thorneycroft Kitchens. It’s located in downtown Norwood in a beautifully restored historic building. Go check ’em out!

The farm is the home to one of Colorado’s Western Slope only State-approved and inspected poultry processing facility. This assures you that our pastured poultry products — the chickens and the turkeys — are only handled by us, from chick to the freezer, eliminating any doubt that your poultry is the healthiest available.

About the Owners

Barclay comes from an agricultural background, having grown up on Caretaker Farm, near Williamstown, Ma. She is a Yale University graduate and has lived in the region since 1985. Her interests are art, reading, hiking and skiing.

Tony came to agriculture in a circuitous manner. Born in Lima, Peru, his family had large agricultural interests in that country, before leaving Peru for the United States in 1966. He has a master’s degree in business from Northwestern Univ. Barclay and Tony met while living in Telluride in the late 1980s and have enjoyed over 25 years together. His interests are writing, cycling, skiing and hiking. In the winter, Tony is an Sr. Avalanche Technician for the Telluride ski patrol. He’s also a certified EMT, volunteering for the Norwood Fire District.

We have two daughters, Ali, age 31 and Tasha, 28. Ali was born with a rare chromosomal disorder, Smith-Magenis Syndrome. Our youngest daughter, Tasha, graduated Telluride High School in 2008 and lives with her husband in upstate New York.