NOTE: Read the following description of our farm, with the caveat in mind that, except for some produce out of the organic garden, the farm will not be in commercial operation during the year 2021.

Indian Ridge Farm, located at 7,000 feet in elevation, is a 120-acre diversified farm operation that includes grass-fed pastured poultry, layer hens, hogs, turkeys, beef cattle, dairy goats, horses, vegetable garden, greenhouse and hay pasture. The farm is situated outside Norwood, Co., on a mesa-top in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, near Telluride. We are blessed with fabulous views of the San Juan Mountains and Uncompahgre Plateau in Colorado, and also the Abajos and La Sal Mountains in southeastern Utah.

We utilize the grass pastures that have been established here in the region for the past 100 years. We encourage our customers to always seek out and buy locally produced foodstuffs, especially if they are grass-fed. The results are numerous: a strengthening of agrarian communities; a healthier ecosystem; sustainable food systems are created; open space is preserved. And, perhaps most importantly, as a consumer of locally produced foods, you connect to the land and the soil in a special and intimate way otherwise not available.

We sell our farm products directly on-farm, through our CSA programs, the Telluride Farmers Market, Vicky’s Fresh Farm Movement and at Norwood’s Fresh Food Hub. Allreds and Floradora proudly carry our chicken and eggs, respectively.

Please call ahead of time to make an arrangement for a visit (tours are $100 per group).

The Garden:

In our one and one-half-acre garden we grow vegetables for our employees, interns, the Fresh Food Hub and CSAs. This high-altitude, bio-intensive garden relies on the fertility of our soils gained through animal and vegetable compost, rotational planting, bio-diversity and lots of hands-on labor. We believe that the garden and farm are a single living organism. That is, the animals, the insects, the air, the water, the “weeds” and the vegetables are all part of a symbiotic whole. We grow a wide variety of vegetables adapted to our 7,000-foot elevation as well as flowers and herbs. We use organic and bio-dynamic growing principles and practices.

We also have two  1,000-square foot hoop houses that act as a season extender for some of our warm-loving plants.

The garden is currently leased to Anne LeFevre, who is enjoying her fifth season here at the farm with her two sons.

The Animals:

All of the animals sold through the farm are medication and hormone free, fed  organic grains grown in Colorado. All of the livestock is pastured on grasses, bathed in the glorious Colorado sunshine.

We pride ourselves in raising the finest, healthiest broiler chickens and turkeys, layer hens, hogs and goats for their milk and cheese. The difference in taste, quality and good health is noticeable. The reason? We continually rotate all of our animals, feeding them on mostly grassland pastures. This way, you, the consumer, are ingesting the many health benefits of grass-based livestock. But it’s more than that. The land and subsequently, the soil, which is the foundation of all life, benefits too because the livestock, whether they’re cows, broiler chickens or pigs, leave behind their manure which then becomes part of the fertility that the soil needs to be productive.