CSA Work Share


We realize there are many folks who want to “get their hands dirty” growing their own food. But, because of time constraints, or perhaps it’s that they don’t have access to a garden, the quest is difficult. Nevertheless, those of us in the organic food movement also know just how healthy fresh, nutrient-rich foods can be. We yearn direct involvement to this aspect of our lives.

At the same time, farmers involved in Community Supported Agriculture  are realizing that it takes a lot of work to make a CSA program successful. Employment opportunities, volunteers and internships fill some of this void, for sure, but there are many times during the growing season when many hands on the farm make a huge difference.  Especially on a diversified farm such as ours. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to make a farm.

Thus, the melding of these two needs has resulted in a fairly unique program here at Indian Ridge Farm. That is, the CSA Work Share.

We offer 8-10 workshares every season for folks who can commit to a regularly scheduled time to be on the farm, working. For a 4-hour per week commitment, we in turn provide a standard-sized box of produce and whatever additional products (i.e. eggs, baked goods, chicken, etc.) you want to put in your basket.

Tuesday Workshare Gals enjoying breakfast in the garden.

Tuesday Workshare Gals enjoying breakfast in the garden.

The program has been very successful! We’re psyched to be offering it again this season. Please contact the farmers, Tony and Barclay at daranyi@rmi.net for more information.