A large herd of elk frequented our irrigated pastures this spring to enjoy some early-season grass.


There are numerous ponds, waterways and wetlands on the farm. Woodlands surround the pastures on two sides. Wildlife thrives in this environment and aside from the many species of birds, raptors and wild turkeys, we often see deer, elk, foxes, coyotes,  and countless other mammals. Bees and other insects help pollinate the vegetables and flowers and add to the overall health of the local ecosystem. We are always busy enhancing habitat so we may live jointly and in synch with nature.

Lone Cone Mountain, nearly 13,000′ ASL, is the matron of the mesa, providing us with water for our fields, garden, livestock and domestic needs. That’s the little town of Norwood in the right, center,. with our house in the foreground.