We raise pastured broilers and turkeys on an extremely fertile field that the birds rotate through all season long. We butcher poultry each week for 18 weeks from early June to late September in an on-site State inspected and certified processing facility. By butchering on-farm, the birds are less stressed from not having to travel to a processing facility, and you can be assured as a consumer that we’ve raised the chicks from hatch to the freezer. The results are clean, flavorful and tender chickens and turkeys.

Organ meats are also available for sale (namely livers, gizzards, necks and feet). We strongly encourage all of our customers to make soup stock from the chicken and turkey carcasses that can be frozen for later use. It’s easy, and it’s a wonderful way to get many more meals from the poultry. Many vital nutrients and minerals are released during the cooking process, creating an incredibly healthy, gelatinous stock.

All of the chicken and turkey parts that are not consumed by humans, are put into the compost pile to add to the fertility of the soil in the vegetable garden. We have a “zero-waste” system with our processing plant. We are proud of the fact that we control the quality of our poultry products from start to finish!

To reserve your pastured chickens for winter storage and to reserve a pastured turkey (this is highly recommended; we do SELL-OUT of every bird we raise here at the farm), please click here. All the turkeys are pre-ordered.

Pastured chickens are available on-farm and to CSA members through their subscriptions.

The layer hen flocks live on the farm year-round, and are always pastured, enjoying the fresh clean air, eating various grasses, picking through weeds and seeds, and consuming insects and other pests that may threaten other elements of the farm. Their eggs are always fresh with remarkably colorful orange yolks. Pastured eggs are some of the only truly free-range and cage-free chicken eggs available. Always seek out pastured eggs. You not only taste the difference, but the health benefits are dramatic. (For more information go to:  eatwild.com and eatwellguide.org)

Besides the grasses, weeds, seeds and bugs that our chickens consume daily in the beautiful Colorado sunshine, all of our poultry are fed a supplement of Colorado grown organic grains. For this we are very proud!

“The Morning Catch”