Our busy, busy working bees loving the Lamb’s Ear blossoms. Bees are particularly sensitive to pesticides, which have been found to be contributing to their rapid decline in the US. They’ve found a great home at Indian Ridge Farm!


In the summer of 2014, thanks to the incredibly dedicated beekeeping by CSA member Laura Duncan, we introduced several beehives to the farm.

Beekeeper Laura Duncan examining a full top bar of honeybees hard at work!


We’re firmly committed to helping bee populations thrive so that humans may thrive. Did you know that 60% of the world’s supply depends on bees and their ability to pollinate plants? We’ve all read of the colony collapse problem experienced by bees throughout the land. It’s true: the US is losing its bee population. Beekeepers with knowledge about this decline attribute it mostly to chemicals in the form of pesticides. The bees seem to have found a happy home here at Indian Ridge Farm, surviving well through the winter season and thriving again this spring. Someday soon we may be able to provide our own honey.