Beef & Lamb

We rotate two beef cows on the same pasture as the turkeys and chickens so that they consume the grasses that are too tall for the birds. It’s part of a holistic rotational system we’ve devised, based on Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm model. By incorporating larger livestock into our pasture rotations, the farm’s regenerative agriculture goal is met.

Other grass-fed beef and lamb are available through the farm on behalf of  ranching neighbors who raise them on the pastures of Norwood and up in the high country above Telluride.

All meats are raised without any medications, growth hormones or antibiotics.

We mimic a small “Polyface Farm”, where various grazer species are incorporated into a pasture rotation. Here you can see a steer, a flock of layer hens and the pastured poultry pens. In the back corner, are some turkeys, too!