What’s in your box this week

We’re keeping the newsletter real short and simple this week. Barclay and Tony are hitting the road for a few days after Friday’s Farmers Market, visiting with family in Basalt. Look for a more extensive newsletter next week, when we will publish images and discuss current topics related to food, food safety, the environment and nutrition.

Meantime, here’s something that came across our radar last night on PBS. Check it out! I think you’ll be pleased to know the food we produce is clean, no chemicals, antibiotics, GMO, hormones or medications. Thanks, as always, for your support!


So, what’s in your box this week?

In this week’s box you will find salad mix, kale with parsley and basil, last of the bok choy, carrots and beets, broccoli, beans, zucchini and one pickle cucumber. Anne adds, “Around here I have to hide each cuke from my boys or they never make it out of the garden!” Salad cukes are just around the corner and with any luck the tomatoes are going to decide to ripen as well.  Remember your veggies have not been washed. Please brings us you boxes bags and egg cartons.

Its chicken for both “every week” and “every other week” folk.  Thank you.  To make sure that everyone who is meant to, get’s their bird, we’re going to start a list.  When taking a frozen chicken, find your name on the list taped to the cooler and using the marker, check it off.

Thank you and Enjoy.

Have a great week and see you Friday!