The Last Box of Summer

An arial view of the farm. Pastures Poultry Pens marching across the field and white row covers on the garden beds. Hoop houses and solar panels to the right of the garden.

The last distribution of our summer CSA is always a time of reflection here at the farm. So much our environment is changing around us. The light seems more golden, the air more crisp and the animals more bold.  We were awoken before dawn the other morning by Vedder’s barking to find two raccoons staring down at us from our grapevine on the south side of our house.  They and other wildlife are frantically feeding in preparation for the cold of winter.

As always, we are grateful for your participation and commitment to this farm. I think a past apprentice, Jesse Alm, said it best when he wrote:  “I’ve worked on a variety of educational and production farms and gardens on the West Coast, and even a few in South America, and I have yet to encounter a more direct, ecological way to feed people while simultaneously building profound and joyful relationships between growers and eaters. Shopping at farmers’ markets is awesome, but by signing on as a member of our Community Supported Agriculture program, you have gone one step further in supporting local farmers and promoting the ongoing health of your family and your community. As a CSA member, you are much more than a customer. You are an active (dare I say radical?) participant in a revolutionary movement to change the way people relate to food, natural resources, and ecosystems in this country and on this planet”.

Seriously, thank you.

IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID YOUR CSA BALANCE , PLEASE DO SO NOW. You can look up this information by logging into your membership here . The password is, firstfrost


Delicata Squash

You still have time to sign up for Anne’s 7 week fall CSA or/and eggs and pastured poultry. The vegetable box will be full of late summer greens and lots of winter storage crops such as winter squash, onions and garlic, carrots and beets.  Distribution will begin on Oct. 13 and go until the week of Thanksgiving.

You should can sign  up for an “on-farm” pick-up or a delivery to Telluride. Each member will receive two wax-coated boxes with their name on the boxes. These boxes are rotated throughout the season, so make sure to treat them with care. Here’s how to collapse your box without tearing it. Please leave your empty box when you pick up your new one.

Telluride pick-up will be from 1 to 6 p.m. on Eileen McGinley’s front porch at 221 North Oak St. Boxes left after 6 p.m. will be donated to a needy family. Please leave your empty box on the porch when you pick up your full box. Also, please respect that this drop-off site is a private residence and that it is inconsiderate to pick up or drop off your boxes at any other time. If you know that you cannot pick up one week, please call Anne (720) 556-4121.

On-farm pick-up will be from noon until 6 p.m. Boxes will be in the walk-in cooler. Please remember to close the door behind you, and leave your empty box on one of the tables in the distribution area outside the walk-in. Help yourself to you-pick flowers and herbs while you are here. Most are located in the southwest corner of the garden. Just remember to close the gate behind you!

What’s in this weeks box?

Salad Mix:  A mix of lettuce, arugula and other goodies.

Cabbage:  Here’s a simple slaw recipe.

 Radishes: Add to the cabbage and carrots to make kimchi !

Carrots: Delicious braised or baked with butter and a little maple syrup.

Beets: So sweet! Roast them in olive oil and a little salt or grate them raw onto your salads.

Onions: I’m adding mine to a veggie pot pie tonight.

Delicata squash:  Roast it, steam it, sauté it…. You can eat the skin, too. This variety will keep for a few months in a cool place.

Potatoes: No need to say much about these beauties.
Cilantro and Basil: These exquisite herbs speak for themselves.
The last of the summer’s Tomatoes and Cucumbers.
Sweet and Hot Peppers

Eggs (for egg shares)

Chicken for ALL chicken shares

Granola and Bread

Anne writes; “We are filling up and the first fall distribution will be next week.  Pls bring us your boxes, bags and clean egg cartons.  Remember the veggies have not been washed.  Thank you all for sharing in this summers veggie csa and we ll see you next summer….”