The bakery has a new owner!

As of the end of May, 2018, Julie and James Thorneycroft became the proud new owners of the bakery, situated in a beautiful  historic building in downtown Norwood. They acquired a profitable, turnkey operation and are off to a flying start. Don’t worry. Most of the products you’ve grown accustomed to since the bakery’s inception are still being produced — the granola, the breads, the pastries, the pizza dough. Julie has a background in the kitchen and is a long-time regional resident. Prior to owning the bakery she ran her own catering business and was responsible for starting the Happy Belly Deli in Norwood. She plans to introduce some of her own product ideas in the near future. She was able to continue to employ the same staff that had been working there prior to the change in ownership. You can find Julie vending in two Indian Ridge Bakery booths at the Telluride Farmers Market, every Friday during the summer season from 10:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Oak Street.

The bakery was moved to its downtown location two years ago, 15 years after its modest start  in our home at the farm. Barclay began baking commercially, primarily doing wedding cakes early on, about 30 years ago. The Thorneycrofts purchased the business only; the real estate continues to be owned by us.

Barclay explained her reasons for wanting to sell the bakery. “I wanted to focus more on the farm, on my home and on my family,” she said. “With all of the growth in our various enterprises, and the hands-on demands of everything we do, we were stretched too thin.  I get to farm with my hubby again. We’ll continue to provide the highest quality eggs and nutritious pastured poultry to regional residents. We’re also keeping our booth space at the farmers market. The other reason for my wanting to sell is that our oldest daughter, who was born with a rare chromosomal disorder (Smith-Magenic Syndrome) needs our continued care and nurturing. Her condition won’t change. I became her legal guardian several years ago, and there are some demands and responsibilities associated with that. We want the best for Ali! I’m also getting more involved with the international support group that exists to support those involved with SMS. This change will give me more time to focus on that.”

We wish Julie and the gang all the best! Congratulations!

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