Now accepting apprenticeship applications for 2014!

We are recharging our batteries and getting really psyched for the upcoming growing season! ¬†Although several months away, a seeming eternity when looking out the window at a good ol’ Colorado blizzard, the planning for next year never ends.

To this end, we’re announcing that we are now formally accepting apprenticeship applications for the 2014 growing season. The six-month commitment begins in early-to-mid April and ends in early-to-mid October. Only serious applicants, those interested in learning lots about how to grow food and raise livestock, need apply.

We ask that you fill out the apprentice applications, found by clicking here. If you want to read more about the apprenticeship position and what it entails, please go to the link that can be found here.  We will be making our selection by March 1, 2014, if not before.

Experienced farmers such as ourselves have a lot to teach. We’re always excited to pass on our experiences to other aspiring farmers. In this increasingly corporate dominated society, the world needs all of us now more than ever.

We look forward to entertaining your application.

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