Pass it On

Bridget, Micha, Gabriela and Don

As many of you know, I grew up on an organic farm and CSA in Williamstown Massachusetts.  About twelve years ago, when my parents decided to retire,  Caretaker Farm ( was put into a land trust and the everyday work of farming the land was passed on t0 a new farm family, the Zasadas (see photo).

Just last week Don and Bridget along with their two children came to visit our farm as a part of their “western” vacation. It was such a privilege to share our farm with them. Don and Micha helped harvest for your boxes last week and as I worked along side them, I felt a feeling of completion that the farm was passed on to the right people. You see, Tony and I had at one point thought that it might be our family that would be farming Caretaker. There were a variety of reasons why that didn’t work out but looking back, I know my parents did the right thing. The important part of this story is that the farm stayed a farm. Land that could easily have been developed was kept agricultural and currently feeds over 275 CSA families.

We too hope that the 120 acres that make up Indian Ridge also remain in agricultural production long after Tony and I are gone. How we get there remains to be seen.

Cold temperatures have finally arrived and I spent much of Wednesday frantically harvesting before the colder weather moved in. It may be time to finally kiss the outside garden goodnight as it settles into its long winter rest.

EGGS, EGGS AND MORE EGGS.     Our hens are still laying up a storm and on days that they refuse to venture out onto pasture because of the snow, we’ll feed them hay.  That’s what keeps their yolks looking so orange. Eggs will store well in your fridge for a good month or so. If you would like to order extra eggs this week and/or next, just let me know how many and how you’d like to pay for them.  I can add it ($6 per doz.)  to your CSA balance and you can pay online or you can send us a check.  Stocking up for the weeks after your CSA ends is always a good idea.

In addition, Eggs will be available this winter at Ghost  Town. They will also be available for sale on Fridays from 12:30-2 behind Between the Covers Bookstore in Telluride, at our new Norwood bakery (1605 Grand Ave) starting December 2nd and anytime here at the farm.

We also have Chicken still available. Birds are whole, frozen and average about 2.8 lbs in weight. Let me know if you’d like some and I’ll add them to your balance as well. They will also be available until supplies run out at here at the farm.

Heads up for distribution the week of Thanksgiving!

This week distribution will be on Friday, same time, same place.  But the following week we want to be sure that you all get your pie pumpkins and yukon gold potatoes, among other things, in time for your thanksgiving dinner. So the last distribution will be on Tuesday, November 22 instead of that Friday, the 25th.

What’s in the box?

Head lettuce: Beautiful Romain. I suggest a Caesar Salad with homemade dressing with anchovies and fresh egg yolk.

Kale: I am loving Kale salad these days. I could eat it everyday! I like to add dried cranberries, parmesan cheese and walnuts to mine.

Parsnips: So sweet! Roast them in olive oil, or boil and mash them along with your potatoes.

Chinese Cabbage: (Oops forgot to put it in your box last week).Stores well in the fridge if you can’t get to it right away or make Kimchee.

Spaghetti squash: I recommend a delicious Spaghetti Squash with Sausage Filling

Celeriac:  What the heck is this you may ask?  This odd looking vegetable is a wonderful addition to all kinds of dishes. Read this to find out more.

Arugula: The hearty green that keeps on giving.

Purple Top Turnips: Try this delicious recipe… Turnips Anna


Folks who ordered a chicken every week will have one in their box. 

The Perfect Protein