“An apprentice works for an expert to learn a trade, or at least that is as it should be,” Lynn Miller, publisher, editor, extraordinary human being, Small Farmer’s Journal, Winter, 2014 edition

All of the apprentice positions for the 2014 growing season have been filled. Thank you to all who applied. We will be taking applications for next year beginning in December. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in what our apprentice position entails, please see the “Overview of Apprenticeships” button. You can also fill out the application below, submit it, and we’ll keep it on file and contact you. Or, even better, if you would like to consider applying next year, we invite you to visit the farm this summer and stay with us for a while. Just contact us beforehand to confirm your visit.

For more information on the apprenticeship positions, see the “Overview of Apprenticeships” section. Thank you.

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