Aspirations for the CSA Movement

Barclay recently wrote this letter to our CSA members and thought we should share it to readers of our website. Enjoy, and if you’d like, join the discussion.

Dear CSA Members,

Our farm family for the 2015 season is complete and we are now only two weeks away from our first distribution.  Its been an interesting spring, with below normal temperatures and above average moisture. Once again, it reminds us that we are not in charge and humbles us in the face of Nature. It also inspires us to celebrate our relationships with you, our CSA members, and to share with you a little bit about what defines our CSA family.

We recently read an article entitled, “Aspirations for the CSA movement”, where the author wrote about the definition of a family farm. While all farms are unique, it was concluded that there are two principles that define a CSA ~ shared risk and community support.

Joining a CSA is so much more than making a choice of where to buy your vegetables. When you become part of a CSA you are making a commitment to feed yourselves organic, locally grown food, but you are also making a commitment to a special place and its people, a farm. Your financial support allows us to purchase the seed and supplies in the spring and lends emotional and financial stability to the farm throughout the year. If crops fail, and inevitably, some do, members go without. If crops do well, and most will, the bounty is shared.  Your support insures that Indian Ridge will be here year after year. You are making a choice to sustain both your family and your farm. It is truly the most proactive thing you can do regarding your food short of growing your own.

CSA’s are also defined by a community of people united by the common interest of supporting a farm and its farmers. While some of you may never meet each other, you each acknowledge a shared purpose and responsibility of eating from the same farm. Our farm, in a sense, becomes your farm and through our shared investment we become connected to a the soil, the food and each other.

On that note, we are going to have to cancel (again) this weekend’s Spring Celebration and Workday due to weather. We hope to come together as a community sometime in the near future.  Meanwhile, come to the farm and participate in how your food is grown.  We’d like to get to know each and everyone of you.

It is truly a privilege to be your farmers,

Barclay, Tony and the rest of our amazing team.



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